Education & training

The education and training activities carried out in MUSA mostly target Masters and PhD students but they will also be open to young researchers in the ST field.


A mobility exchange programme for young researchers and PhD/Masters students is now available. Its objective is to enhance dissemination of knowledge in the area of SA codes and Uncertainty tools.

The mobility programme covers the following activities:

  • Temporary stays in MUSA partners’ labs
  • Attendance to MUSA international conferences, workshops and seminars related to the MUSA project
  • Participation in the SA phenomenology course of NUGENIA TA2/SARNET or similar international courses on SA and/or on “uncertainties”
Manual for MUSA Mobility Programme
 MUSA Mobility manual

This document details the conditions of the MUSA mobility grants.
It includes the application form to ask for a grant.

MUSA agreement template

Template agreement between UNIPI and the grant applicant organisation.

A lecture on “Uncertainty Quantification in Severe Accident Analyses” for various international courses that might be given on Severe Accidents and/or on “uncertainties” will be produced.

Public learning modules will  be released. At least three compiling the major outcomes from the project will be produced targeting nuclear masters students. They will address:

  • Major sources of uncertainties in Severe Accidents, with particular emphasis on ST
  • Methodologies for uncertainty assessment in Severe Accidents, with particular emphasis on the ST estimates.
  • Assessment of ST Uncertainties in Fukushima-like scenarios


All of the mobility opportunities and training modules will be announced and promoted through the MUSA website and communication channels.