The ERMSAR 2022 Book of Proceedings is now available!


The ERMSAR 2022 Book of Proceedings is now available!

Back in May 2022, MUSA was in Karlsruhe for the 10th edition of ERMSAR (European Review Meeting on Severe Accident Research). Hosted by KIT, the event was a great success with over 100 participants from nearly 50 organizations settled in 21 countries worldwide.


During the ERMSAR conference, sixty papers were presented and 9 more were exhibited as posters.

The presented research focused on the latest progress of knowledge on Severe Accidents (SA) and has been an opportunity for researchers to be able discuss future R&D needs in this field in person.


To encapsulate all this expertise, a book of the proceedings of the conference has been made, which contains the presented full papers, presentations, and posters. As of today, this book is now available to be downloaded from the KITopen Repository.


MUSA was present at the event and presented various paper on the development of its research, such as:


  • “Status of the Uncertainty Quantification for Severe Accident Sequences of Different NPP Designs in the Frame of the H-2020 Project MUSA“, Brumm (JRC)
  • “Uncertainty Quantification for a Severe Accident Sequence in a SFP in the Frame of the H2020 Project MUSA: First Outcomes“, Coindreau (IRSN)
  • “Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of the ASTEC simulations results of a MBLOCA scenario at a Generic KONVOI Plant using FSTC tool“, Stakhanova (KIT)
  • “CIEMAT’s outcomes from the PHEBUS-FPT1 uncertainty analysis in the framework of the EU-MUSA project“, Bocanegra (CIEMAT)
  • “Parametric analysis of FPT-1 MELCOR 2.2 input deck as a preparation for uncertainty quantification study“, Malicki (PSI)


The ERMSAR2022 conference was held in memory of Martin Kissane.

Next edition, ERMSAR2024, will be organized in the frame of the SEAKNOT project by KTH in Stockholm in May 2024.


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