Registration for the short course on SAP is now open


The NUGENIA Technical Area 2 on Severe Accidents (SA) is sponsoring an on-line one-week Course entitled “Severe Accident Phenomenology” (SAP). This course is an Excellence Spreading Activity and will be focused on disseminating the knowledge gained on SA in the last two decades to Master-PhD students, young engineers and researchers.

This Course is a sequel to the previous SARNET/SARNET2 SA Courses. The previous edition was organized by CEA and held at Cadarache on 9th-14th September 2019. The current edition is jointly organized by ENEA and University of Pisa and, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is for the first time held entirely on-line, through the Zoom Platform of ENEA FSN Department.

The program will cover the SA methodologies & accident progressions in current water-cooled Gen. II Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs), but also the different design solutions proposed in GEN III NPPs. A special focus will be on the Fukushima events, their consequences, and the actual status of decommissioning after ten years from the accident.

Lectures will be given by international experts from major Nuclear Institutes, Industries, TSOs and Universities working on the topics. The lectures will describe how the different NPPs would react during a SA, keeping in mind that an introductory course would not allow lengthy discussion or computer simulations.

The Course will, however, also cover the application of the codes to estimate consequences for various SA scenarios. It will include background lectures on NPP safety, SA scenarios and the events leading, respectively, to the early and late failure of containment.

It will be open also to university students at a reduced fee.

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