1st progress meeting of WP2 and WP3

1st progress meeting (1)

The 1st progress meeting of MUSA WP2 IQUS “Identification and Quantification of Uncertainty Sources” and WP3 RUQM “Review of Uncertainty Quantification Methodologies took place from 20 to 22 January 2020 in Cologne, Germany and was held at GRS premises. More than 30 project partners participated in this meeting.

After the opening session on the general status of the MUSA project by the coordinator, the progresses made in WP2 and WP3 were presented in detail. During the two dedicated sessions the first working results were presented and discussed among the partners participating in these WPs, together with the status of the activities in WP4 AUQMIE “Application of UQ Methods against Integral Experiments” led by ENEA and WP7 COREDIS “COmmunication & REsults DISsemination” led by UNIPI. The first foundations were laid and the Source Term (ST) related Figures Of Merit (FOM) needed to assess the capability of Severe Accident codes when modelling a) reactor and b) SFP (Spent Fuel Pool) severe accident scenarios were established. Furthermore, an overview of a first review of uncertainty methodologies and tools was presented and discussed.

At the end of the meeting, the major take-aways from this 1st progress meeting were presented by the project coordinator, including the wrap-up of the two main technical sessions (WP2 and WP3) in the form of actions and decisions.